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Portrait & Landscape Painter Hasso R. Haug
from Constance in Germany at the Lake Constance
Atelier und Gallery
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Copies of Old Masters

I also paint faithful copies of numerous impressionist and expressionist works on canvas, wood or copper to any size. A color picture / photograph or color print can be used as a base for my distinctive reproductions.

In order to obtain the original feel and character of an older masterpiece I only use pure earth tones which are ground by hand. The canvas is also partly hand-woven.
[Blumengebinde] [Kartenspieler] [Bauernstube] [Der Trinker]
P. August Renoir
No. 010 "Bouquet"
Hand painted by
Hasso Haug
Original at the Cambridge Fogg Art Museum Massachusetts USA
Size: 50 x 70 cm
"The Gambler" Franz von Defregger:
"Sarner Spinnstube"
Gruetzner: The wine drinker
[König Ludwig II] [Almbesuch] [Raub der Sabinerinnen] [Enten im Schilf]
"King Ludwig II."
Paul Felgentreff: "Visit on Alm" Rubens: "Raub der Sabinerinnen" Jutz: "Turkey with Hen"
Franz von Defregger, 1835-1921
No. 040 "The Zither Player"
Handpainted by
Hasso Haug
Original at the Landesmuseum, Bolzano
Size: 60 X 90 cm
Vincent van Gogh, 1853-1890
No. 089 "Night Café in Arles"
Hand painted by
Hasso Haug
Original at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Size: 32 X 40 cm
Carl Hilgers, 1818-1890,
No. 038 "Lively Activity on Ice"
Hand painted by
Hasso Haug
Original in a private collection
Size: 49 x 36 cm
"Girl with Pearl"
Hand painted by
Hasso Haug
Size: 40 x 50 cm
Get more information from:
Atelier d'Art Haug,
1, Mayenfischstrasse, D-78462 Konstanz,
Germany (Phone 0049 7531 23813)
General Merchandise September 1985:

Hand Painted Copies of Famous Art Masterpieces

Renoir, Cezanne, Gauguin, van Gogh - all immortal names in the world of art. But who besides the wealthy few can afford to possess an original painting of the Old Masters?
And that is exactly where a painter of the caliber of Hasso Haug, 43, of Constance, West Germany, comes in. After art Semesters in Munich and Florence, he spent a lot of time stu-dying the work of the Old Masters and tracing back the history of each of their paintings. Hasso Haug not only copies, but, through meditation, gets into the spi-rit of each work he is copying. A good copy artist, he says, has to be "spiritually united" with the painter if his copy is to assume anything of the magic of the original.


And, of course. a good copy artist has to be a good painter, with a deep and versatile knov.^i;; :: brush-work and pigment composition. Before starting to paint a copy, he has to decide which brushes and pigments to use.

Genuine copy

This means, in effect, that the bristles of a brush needed to copy a Rembrandt have to differ from those required for an Manet painting to obtain a genuine, true-to-life copy of the original.
Most of the pigments available on the market today are unsuitable for old painting. This is because they are heavy spar pigments which are colored with aniline liquids and thus lose their light fastness through ultraviolet rays. It might thus happen that red turns into an undesirable grayish brown after a time.
Hasso Haug avoids this by making his own pigments. By grinding natural earth colors, he obtains the right pigments for use with the right vehicles.
A lot of care is also taken to have a suitable canvas. It is, in fact, woven by hand in a small mountain village in Switzerland. This handwoven look is evident in the unevenness of the surface and provides a baffling imitation of the original. The idea, of course, is to produce copies that look as much like the original as possible. To bring the paintings even closer to the purchaser, Hasso Haug includes a certificate of authenticity and a short account of the subject, the painter and the location of the original with each painting. And a tiny distinguishing mark, invisible to the viewer, makes sure that his copies are not subsequently sold as originals.

On order

Paintings are produced only on order and copies are made of all paintings of the impressionism, expressionism and modern schools. All work is carried out according to customers' wishes, ideas, photographs or color prints and in any desired size.
Another sphere in which Hasso Haug is specialized is portrait painting. Although some of his customers prefer their portrait to be painted live during sittings, many others just send photographs and the necessary instructions. Clients in foreign countries, who, for obvious reasons, are prevented from posing for their portrait at the artist's studio on Lake Constance, naturally opt for the latter method. Hasso Haug runs an art gallery in Constance, where more than 90 paintings, from miniatures to large works of art, covering all art epochs from 1600 to around 1940, can be viewed.
Haug's clients are art lovers everywhere who appreciate a genuinely hand-painted copy on canvas (or wood, if expressly stated) of an original masterpiece. Their copy is even more desirable because it is available with a certificate of limited circulation and at a price they can afford.
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