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Portrait & Landscape Painter Hasso R. Haug from Constance in Germany Lake Constance
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Mural Paintings (1)

In your home, in your appartment, house, bungalow or castle, murals in living-, sleeping- and dining rooms, in staircases and in swimming pools may get a traditionally performed painting.

My handmade illusion paintings are not only a decoration, they are also an investment of permanent value.

The door to the basement may be painted with a perspective picture which gives the illusion, for example, of looking into a large wine cellar or onto a lush green park.

I work individually according to the ideas of my customers. I am also able to present my own ideas and designs, if desired.

Handmade Illusion Paintings

Mural Painting Schloss Schönbrunn, Oil on canvas -

[Wand im Schwimmbad] [Wand im Schwimmbad] [Wand im Schwimmbad] [Wand im Schwimmbad]
Mural Painting in swimmingpools and bathrooms under construction
- while I am working

[Wand im Schwimmbad] [Wand im Schwimmbad]

The painted bathroom

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Other examples of Illusion and Mural Painting
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Updated 19.12.2010