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Portrait & Landscape Painter Hasso R. Haug
from Constance in Germany Lake Constance
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My speciality: Handpainted Portraits!

A portrait of yourself or of your loved ones is a possession of everlasting value. A true to life portrait of your grandparents, parents, your spouse as well as your children or grandchildren will keep their memory alive for following generations.

My hand-painted portraits are all done in the "old-school tradition", oil on canvas, custom-painted to size. In order to obtain the most lifelike results in my hand-painted portraits, I will need:

  • a color photograph (if available)
  • desired color of backdrop / background
  • desired size of the portrait
  • if only a black and white photo is available
           I will need eye and hair color of the subject

Each portrait is accompanied by a signed certificate of authencity.

Now you can see some examples from my gallery. It may be a help in your decision to order a portrait. Please send a fax or an e-mail to me. I will answer immediately.

Portraits in Oil and aquarelle
Edelmann frau Juadalyn Ulrika
Count of Edelmann Countess of Liehl Opera- and Concert singer Juandalynn R. Abanathy,
Atlanta USA -
Fullportrait, oil on canvas
Pretty Ulrika
portrait of a child Friendly Grandma Horst Frank, Major of the Citiy of Konstanz Frank Hämmerle, Landrat
Queen Elizabeth II, fullportrait, handpainted, Oil on canvas,
170 cm x 90 cm
Gräfin Bettina Bernadotte
Isle of Mainau
Graf Björn Benadotte
mit Gattin
Isle of Mainau
Little Boy near a chair
Fullportrait, handpainted, oil on canvas, 135 cm x 75 cm
Edelmann frau Müfe Ulrika
Children with a Dog
Friendly Lady Wolfgang Müller-Fehrenbach Johann Kraxner, Star-Cook
Edelmann frau Juadalyn Ulrika
Manīs Portrait with border, - painted according to black-and-white photo
Phases during the creation of a portrait during the creation during the creation
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Updated 19.12.2010